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Screw cup

If you've ever struggled to keep your drinks in their receptacle at the beach?

We know it's very hard to put mug on the beach by sand and wind. To solve this problem, "SCREW Cup" has been created.

Screw Cup is a mug that can be driven into the ground to help it stay upright. by turning the mug just like a screw, the device can be secured into the sand.

A practical solution for sandy and windy conditions at the beach, when dug into the ground the cup has two advantages: liquid isn't spilt over the side and the drink is kept cool even on hot summer days. made from ceramic, the quirky piece solves that ever-annoying dilemma of warm liquid just when you need to be re-hydrated the most.

Year: 2013

Dimensions:  8 x 16 cm

Material: Stoneware